For today’s modern businesses focussed on growth and efficiency, mobile working is key, but that means telecoms expenses represent yet another overhead to be managed. When costs fluctuate, it can be difficult to keep track of, which can make it more likely for you to lose visibility on costs and on your business. PMGC implements effective cost analysis and reporting that will ensure you can always keep track of what is important to your organisation.

Intelligent Reporting

Today, the legacy reports provided by the networks are no longer sufficient to stay on top of mobile expenditure. Reporting the same list of Top 10 spender’s month-after-month, gives limited insights on usage patterns of employees and the costs that can actually be reduced or chargeback to cost centres. What's more itemised data has little value when presented as a document making it very difficult to manage your communications infrastructure and associated costs.

Trend Reporting & Analytics

Client Management Portal gives you a transparent monthly snapshot of your business mobile usage with its Advance Reporting Management tools aimed at reducing your incurred communications costs, increased visibility, invoice and bill management and allocation reporting. It truly revolutionises the way you and your end-users analyse costs on an on-going basis, giving you total control so that you can focus on your actual business.

Monitors Usage & Controls Cost

Organisations are constantly seeking ways to leverage technology to reduce the costs associated with telecommunication billing. Client Management Portal allows you to analyse mobile calls, spend and data usage patterns to reduce unforeseen costs like ‘out-of-bundle’ data allowances. In addition, Client Management Portal has the capabilities to organise charges to your appropriate cost centres, departments or users if desired.

Predictive Reporting

Telecoms bills are the least understood and most overlooked expense in any organisation. Client Management Portal intelligently models every individual's usage patterns from national calls, roaming calls, text messaging to data usage and highlights the instances where a user deviates from the norm, in addition to usual top spenders’ reports. This enables you to deal with exceptions instead of spending time trying to micro-manage each user.

Advanced Cost Control

Empowering your employees with business smartphones and positively encouraging use for personal calls has several benefits; while a single device encourages users to stay better connected, they also benefit from exceptional corporate rates offered by PMGC. With in-built Personal Call Declaration (PCD), this ensures this does not need to be at the cost of the organisation paying for these calls which on average represent 30% of the typical monthly spend. The PCD provides a friendly and intuitive interface for employees to mark their personal calls, intelligently recalling previously nominated personal numbers and ultimately making the marking process easier after the first use, ensuring your business is VAT compliant in the process.

Intuitive User Interface

Client Management Portal is built from the ground up on a single framework environment and designed with a responsive, consistent user-friendly interface in mind. The system framework is based on modern web application standards to maximise productivity and familiarity, thus reduces training and increases usability. What’s more the platform can easily be accessed and managed from any web browser (desktop or mobile) that is connected to the internet.


Client Management Portal is for you if:

  • You know that an intelligent Mobility Strategy is key to your future business success
  • Your organisation has more than 10 mobile connections
  • You would like to be on top of mobile expenditure but don’t have time to track what each number or user spends month-by-month
  • You would like to improve employee morale and engagement by allowing personal calls from business mobiles
  • You prefer to use intelligent reports instead of the lengthy chore of producing your own reporting in excel

Key Benefits

  • Management of all mobile expenditure through a single intelligent interface
  • Intelligent reporting allowing you or your team to focus on exceptions
  • Personal Call Declaration
  • HMRC compliant
  • Allows you to retain cost control of your mobiles, your data and corporate behaviour with deploying a BYOD policy

Key Features

  • Easy to use user interface for both customer administrators and end-users
  • Quick turnaround time for new reporting requirements
  • Fully managed, cloud based service, accessible via any Web Browser

Why Choose Client Management Portal?

  • Intuitive management of all calls
  • Cost centre or department or site allocation & reporting
  • User subscription usage & reporting
  • Advance search reporting
  • Full usage call report history
  • Historical invoice trends
  • Date range flexibility and control
  • Cost analysis
  • Call reporting management
  • Identifying devices without any usage
  • Voice & data overages
  • Accessible via any web browser
  • Personal call declaration
  • HMRC compliance

Get in touch! If you would like to find out more about how Client Management Portal can manage your telecoms expenditure.

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